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Table of Contents

Eldritch Skies will be approximately 250 pages long and contains the following chapters:

Introduction: Includes a description of Unisystem and of Lovecraftian SF as well as a discussion of gritty vs. pulpy SF.

Chapter One: Chapter One: The Eldritch Past & The Mythos Present describes the setting of Eldritch Skies, including the true history of the Earth and the various species that have inhabited it, as well as more recent history, up to the year 2030, when the game is set.  This chapter contains a timeline of events and an overview of history from 1930 to 2030. In addition, it contains information about the various nations of the world and information about how humanity has reacted to the various revelations about mythos phenomena. The chapter also introduces the OPS - the UN Office of Paranormal Security. This is the international, and now interstellar agency charged with protecting humanity from mythos phenomena and dangerous advanced technologies.

Chapter Two: Creating Civilians and Operatives provides rules for creating characters. This chapter contains information for creating both intrepid civilians who get caught up in the Cthulhu Mythos as well as professional OPS operatives charged with protecting humanity from mythos threats and dangers. This chapter contains details of attributes, skills, and qualities, including exotic qualities like psychic powers, hyperspatial sorcery, and various biological augmentations, including a few created by the alien mi-go. This chapter also includes six ready-to-play characters that just need a name and maybe a tweak or two.

Chapter Three: Rules & Gear is the rules chapter. It provides Players and Directors all the information they need to play or run Cinematic Unisystem and Eldritch Skies. This is where you learn how to play the game as well as rules for advancement. Rules for Drama Points are explained as is combat, including information about conventional weapons and armor. This chapter also contains a list of the various equipment that characters may need, including exotic weapons and armor, as well as surveillance equipment, space suits, and vehicles.

Chapter Four: Arcane Secrets provides information about the wonders and dangerous of hyperspatial sorcery, as well as details of sorcery use by various sorts of inhuman beings. This chapter includes a list of spells as well as complete rules for using and defending against hyperspatial sorcery.

Chapter Five: The Realms of the Mythos contains descriptions of many of the worlds that humanity has visited or colonized.  This chapter includes descriptions of planets both inside and outside the solar system that civilians and agents can visit, including both worlds with thriving human colonies and worlds that are home to dangerous alien intelligences. In addition, this chapter contains information about the psychic Dream Realm.

Chapter Six: Eldritch Threats & Wonders contains information about and statistics for the various non-humans and ab-humans of the mythos universe, including everything from the ab-human deep ones to Great Cthulhu itself.

Chapter Seven: Storytelling Advice is for Directors. It provides hints and suggestions for running a variety of Eldritch Skies Series, including discussions of how to run both this game in either a pulp, cinematic or a grim and gritty fashion as well as more information about the OPS. In addition, this chapter contains a series of brief adventure seeds.

Appendix contains a brief mythos glossary and recommended bibliography, as well as useful charts and tables, and an index.

Eldritch Skies Project Sample Material:   Eldritch Skies Kickstarter   •   What is Lovecraftian SF?   •   Fiction Sample

John Snead